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The Institute for the Languages of Finland




Foundation Date


Type of institution

Public agency

Parent body

Ministry of Education, Science and Culture


Finnish, Swedish, Sámi used in Finland, Romani, Finnish sign language


The Institute for the Languages of Finland studies Finnish, Swedish, Sámi languages used in Finland, certain other cognate languages of Finnish, Romani, as well as Finnish sign language from various perspectives: vocabulary, nomenclature and language use in different contexts in the past and the present. The institute compiles dictionaries, acts as an official authority in language planning, offers guidance and counselling in regard to language related questions and maintains various archives and an extensive linguistic library for the use of researchers.

Responsible person

Director Professor Pirkko Nuolijärvi

Head of Swedish department Dr. Mikael Reuter

Number of staff

The institute has nearly a hundred employees, 25 of them in language and nomenclature planning, 35 in the compilation of dictionaries, 20 in various research projects and 8 in archives and the library.

Periodicals and serial publications

The Institute for the Languages of Finland publishes dictionaries, linguistic research, readers in language planning and other books on languages. The institute publishes two magazines for language planning, Kielikello (Finnish) and the Språkbruk (Swedish).


Postal address:

Hakaniemenranta 6, 00530 Helsinki
Hagnäskajen 6, 00530 Helsingfors

Visiting address

Hakaniemenranta 6, 00530 Helsinki

Hagnäskajen 6, 00530 Helsingfors


Telephone number: +358  20 781 3200
E-mail: kotus[at]

Languages in which the organisation is able to communicate actively

Finnish, Swedish, English

Other languages in which the institution is able to receive communications

German, French, Danish, Norwegian, Estonian, Hungarian, Russian

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