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The State Commission of the Lithuanian Language (VLKK)


Countries to which
the institution belongs

Republic of Lithuania

Foundation Date


Type of institution

State institution

Parent body or organisation

Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania [The Parliament of the RL]

Language with which the institution is concerned


Description of objectives, tasks and primary activities of the institution

Tasks of Commission:

• to decide issues concerning the implementation of the Law on the State Language;
• to submit to Seimas, President of the Republic and Government proposals on language policy;
• to establish the directions of regulating the Lithuanian language, to decide the issues of standardisation and codification of Lithuanian language;
• to appraise and to approve the most important standardising language works (dictionaries, textbooks);
• to be involved in the injecting of the Lithuanian language into information technologies;
• to take care about the linguistic culture of the society, namely, the condition of language in educational institutions, provision of information to the public (news media), publishing, scientific activities, public life and other spheres;
• to deliberate important issues raised by the public, regarding language use and limits and to adopt decisions regarding them.

Responsible person

Audrys Antanaitis, Chairperson

Contact person

Audrys Antanaitis, Chairperson

Number of staff


Periodicals and serial publications

Annual report to the Parliament (in digital format), news from the Commission in the monthly magazine “Gimtoji kalba” [Native Language]

Address of the institution

Valstybinė lietuvių kalbos komisija
Gedimino per. 60
LT-01110 Vilnius
Tel.: +370-5-272 33 58
Fax: +370-5-272 50 94

Languages in which the organisation is able to communicate actively


Languages in which the institution is able to receive communications

Lithuanian, English, French

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