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Foundation Date


Type of institution

Public agency / administration

Parent body

Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs




The Centre for the Greek Language acts as a co-ordinating advisory organ of the Ministry of Education on matters of language education and policy. It serves as a focal point of information on topics pertaining to language and coordinates communication among organizations, both within Greece and abroad, which deal with Greek language matters. It has produced a variety of publications both of the national language and also on issues of multilingualism in the E.U. (Conferences, yearly participation in the Expolangues of Paris, etc.). It is the agency responsible for the Examinations for the Attainment in Greek. It has also created a Web Site dealing with the introduction of new technologies in Secondary education in connection with language teaching.

Responsible person

Chairman of the Board: D. Fatouros

Contact person

Dr. Maria Theodoropoulou

Number of staff

53 persons

Board of Directors (7 members): Chairman, Vice-Chairman, 5 Members (two of them representatives of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Directors of the four sections (Linguistics, Lexicography, Promotion of Greek, Language and Literature),

Researchers, administration

Periodicals and serial publications



1, Karamaouna str.-Skra sq., Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece

Telephone number: +30 2310 459101
Fax number: +30 2310 459107
URL-address web site(s):

Languages in which the organisation is able to communicate actively

Greek, English, French

Other languages in which the institution is able to receive communications

German, Italian

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