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Institute for Bulgarian Language
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Countries to which the institution belongs


Foundation Date


Type of institution

Scientific Research Institute

Parent body or organisation

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Language with which the institution is concerned


Description of objectives, tasks and primary activities of the institution

The Institute for Bulgarian Language (IBL) is the main centre for scholarly research and description of the Bulgarian language with a focus on its contemporary state, history, dialect diversity, and interaction with other languages. The mission of the Institute for Bulgarian Language is to carry out fundamental theoretical and applied research on the Bulgarian language, and to determine the national language policy. The dictionaries and grammars published by the Institute for Bulgarian Language “Prof. L. Andreychin” have official normative status. The priority research areas of IBL are: theoretical linguistic research; academic dictionaries of Bulgarian; electronic language resources and programs for natural language processing; language competence; Bulgarian cultural and linguistic heritage; sources for the history of the Bulgarian language. The Institute for Bulgarian Language provides various services to institutions and citizens of Bulgaria.

Responsible person

Prof. Svetla Koeva (Director)

Number of staff


Periodicals and serial publications

Balgarski ezik / Bulgarian Language (scientific journal)

Linguistique Balkanique (scientific journal)

Izvestiya na Instituta za

balgarski ezik / Proceedings of the Institute for Bulgarian Language (annual series)

Address of the institution

Bulgaria, 1113 Sofia, 52 Shipchenski prohod Blvd., bldg.. 17

Languages in which the organisation is able to communicate actively

Bulgarian, Russian, English

Languages in which the institution is able to receive communications

Bulgarian, Russian, English, all Slavic languages

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