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Winners 2020

Press release

Nastja Slavec (University of Ljubljana)

Supervisor: Prof. Bojan Baskar & Prof. Steve Coleman

Title: 'To have' Irish in Corca Dhuibhne: Language ideologies and practices in a minority language community.

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Magdalena Pawlik (University of Warsaw)

Supervisor: Dr. hab. Lucja Biel

Title: The Art of Amendment: A Genre Analysis of Amendments Tabled by Members of the European Parliament in the Ordinary Legislative Procedure.

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Kristina Babic (Universität Wien)

Supervisor: Prof. Inci Dirim

Title: Phonetic interference in second language acquisition of German. A study of phenomena of interference of Arabic-, Kurdish-, Romanian- and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian-speaking learners of German as a second language.

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