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The Results of the second EFNIL Master's Thesis Competition

Here are the winners of the second EFNIL Master's Thesis Award: Agnes Kim, Pia Nilsson and Anne-Mieke Thieme.

For the second round of the EFNIL Master's Thesis Award, EFNIL received 23 applications from 10 different countries written in 10 different languages covering a broad spectrum of topics such as bilingual and trilingual language acquisition, language ideologies, translation, dialects, endangered languages, and language attitudes. We are most grateful to have received so many interesting, intelligent, and well written projects.

All theses had excellent grades and were accompanied by well-motivated recommendations.

The jury was composed as follows:

  • Dr. Giulio Vaccaro, Italy, Consiglio Nazionale delle ricerche-OVI

  • Pof. Dr. Gerhard Stickel, Germany, Leibniz-Institut für Deutsche Sprache (IDS)

  • Dr. Elena Tamba, Romania, Romanian Academy

  • Dr. Sabine Kirchmeier, Denmark,

  • Prof. Dr. Kris Van de Poel, The Netherlands, Nederlandse Taalunie

  • Dr. Júlia Choleva, Slovakia, Institute of Linguistics, Slovak Academy of Sciences

  • Dr. Pål Kristian Eriksen, Norway, Språkrådet 

The members of the jury agreed that all applicants had delivered excellent work. The winners were chosen based on a combination of the following criteria: quality, analysis and discussion of political actions or policies, diversity of topics and distribution across countries.

The winners are:


Agnes Kim (Universitat Wien)

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Alexandra N. Lenz


Sprache und Gesellschaft im Wandel. Eine historisch-soziolinguistische Untersuchung am Beispiel des Marchfelds (Niederösterreich) im frühen 20. Jahrhundert

Language and Society in Change. A Historical-Sociolinguistic Investigation Using the Example of the Marchfeld (Lower Austria) in the Early 20th Century

Pia Nilsson (Göteborgs Universitet) 

Supervisor: Dr. Ingemar Bohlin


SPRÅK PÅ MUSEUM. En undersökning av allmänhetens och språkexperters syn på ett svenskt språkmuseum

LANGUAGE IN THE MUSEUM. An investigation of the views held by the public and by language experts on a Swedish language museum

Anne-Mieke Thieme (Leiden University)

Supervisor: Em. Prof. Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade

Title: Multilingual The Hague: Municipal language policy, politics, and practice


The winning projects will be presented at the next EFNIL conference 8 October 2021.

We congratulate the winners and sincerely thank all applicants for their contributions.

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