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Cavtat 2021

"The Role of National Language Institutions in the Digital Age"

See whole publication here.

Željko Jozić / Sabine Kirchmeier (eds.): The Role of National Language Institutions in the Digital Age Contributions to the EFNIL Conference 2021 in Cavtat. ISBN 978-963-9074-92-7 (Print), 978-963-9074-93-4 (PDF) Budapest: Nyelvtudományi Kukatóközpont, 2022



Johan van Hoorde: Introduction

Radovan Fuchs: Greetings from the Minister of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia

Nina Obuljen Koržinek: Welcome address of the Minister of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia

Georg Rehm/Federico Gaspari/German Rigau/Maria Giagkou/Stelios Piperidis/Annika Grützner-Zahn/Natalia Resende/Jan Hajic/Andy Way: The European Language Equality Project: Enabling digital language equality for all European languages by 2030

Per Langgård: How to fight for a digital future – the case of Greenlandic

Trond Trosterud: Normative language work in the age of machine learning

Andreas Witt/Paweł Kamocki: The future is now. The digital transformation in the German linguistics community and the key role of the IDS

Frieda Steurs: The role of the Dutch Language Institute (INT) in the digital age

Marek Łaziński: Polish language resources 2021

Elena Isabelle Tamba: The role of the institutes of the Romanian Academy in the digitalization process of linguistic research

Kozma Ahačič/Nataša Gliha Komac/Janoš Ježovnik: Developing a comprehensive service for Slovenian language users: the Fran and Franček web portals and language advisory service

Moritz Sommet: The digital language research landscape in multilingual Switzerland

EFNIL project report

Sabine Kirchmeier/Aino Piehl/Johan Van Hoorde/Júlia Choleva/Katrin Hallik/Cecilia Robustelli: ELIPS – European Languages and their Intelligibility in the Public Sphere


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